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Requirements: This 4-5 page essay will be double-spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman, Calibri), 1’ margins. Three sources (interview, research article, etc) are required and must be cited using APA format with in in-text citations and a References page for this essay. An Abstract and Annotated References (worth a separate 20 pts) are also required for this assignment and they will be included in the final draft when you turn it in. There are resources to help under Lessons on our class site. 1 simile AND 1 metaphor are needed as well for this paper. You’ll also incorporate attention-getter strategies into the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
You’ll choose a compelling or engaging image (ad, movie poster, awareness caign, etc.) and examine different elements of it and its overall message and purpose. The following are some important elements that you might delve into in your essay:
Bring in some background on the image and briefly discusses its importance, significance, history, or popularity. Also, what was your initial reaction? Feelings? Also, remember that the introduction paragraph should end with a thesis statement that asserts the message or purpose you believe the text conveys to a certain audience.
Briefly discuss the image’s writer/creator/artist.
Discuss the intended audience for the image. For instance, who is likely to buy the product or most needs to know the information the image is conveying?
Discuss the use of color in the image. For instance, what are the associations made with the colors? Exle: green is associated with nature; red is connected with anger, passion, and hunger; blue is associated with water or coldness. Are contrasting colors used, creating a sense of energy? Are more similar colors used in the image, creating a more mellow atmosphere?
Discuss the font choice and use, whether it’s traditional or modern, bolded or italics. For instance, does the font have lots of curls like old-fashioned, traditional handwriting (think of the fonts used for Pepsi and Coca-Cola ads, long-standing products that have been around many years) or it is crisp, straight lines (think of fonts associated with newer computer-driven products like Apple) like many modern fonts? Is it bolded to be easy to read, in ALL CAPS to get people’s attention, or underlined so it isn’t missed, and what do you think that brings to the image’s message/overall success?
Discuss angle and vantage point and whether they are consistent with the image’s main goal. For instance, from what angle is the photograph taken? Is it straight-on? Is it exaggerated? Why do you think certain elements were tucked in the background as opposed to being featured more prominently in the foreground?
Discuss the image’s use of lighting. What areas are well-lit or in darkness? Is the light soft or harsh? Is there a contrast of tones from light to dark? Why do you think the author made those choices for the product/message? How does the lighting affect what is pictured and how might different lighting change the image?
Discuss the image’s focus. For instance, is there anything unusual or striking about the focus? What areas or object appear most clear and sharp and what areas or object are not clear? Why do you think the artist chose to make them that way? These choices help convey the main message or purpose.
Discuss the composition of the image. Describe the effect (persuade, entertain, inform, etc.) this image has on you or on its intended audience. How are the elements of the image arranged? Are visual element symmetrical (distributed evenly) or asymmetrical (not distributed evenly)? Are elements touching, overlapping, close together or far apart? Are elements above or below each other, or to the left or right, and why do you think the tiny print is at the bottom?
Conclusions on how successful the image is at conveying its main point and give a final overall impression of the image and its message. Has your reaction to the image changed over time? Do you think the image was effective at communicating its message and leaving a lasting impression on viewers?Include your thoughts and ideas in the essay, but focus on writing only in the objective, academic third person. This means that though “I” is able to be used if kept minimal, do not use second person (any form of you). Banned Words: You, Good, Bad
Total: 150 ptsPages: 4-5Sources: 3Peer Review: Week Fifteen, Day 2 (Posted before class)Final: Week Sixteen, Day 2 (Uploaded before class) RUBRIC for Visual Rhetoric Essay94-100= Exceptional90-93 = Very Good80-89 = Good70-79 = Average60-69 = Below Average59 ; below = Poor/Unacceptable


A 94-100A- 90-93B+ 87-89B 84-86B- 80-83C+ 77-79C 74-76C- 70-73D+ 66-69D 60-65F 59 ; below
Exceptional Formatting and Content: 25 points possible• Accurately follows all formatting: a) assignment-specific; b) assignment-appropriate; and c) APA.• Contains all elements stipulated in the assignment instructions.• Any graphics are appropriate, intrinsic, correctly formatted, and clearly labeled and explained./ 25 pts
Exceptional Tone and Stance: 25 points possible• Maintains third person usage throughout.• Uses a formal tone, avoids “you.”• Is informative; lays out the situation clearly.• Is persuasive; clearly presented,/ 25 pts
Exceptional Unity and Coherence: 25 points possible• Presents one focused topic and all exles apply directly to the case.• Introduction leads reader to clear understanding of main idea.• Conclusion clearly wraps up the paper and leaves reader with strong impression about the topic.• Transitions tie paragraphs together.• Information within paragraphs flows together logically.• Ideas connect./ 25 pts
Exceptional Supporting Information and Integration of Sources: 25 points possible• Provides superior support of all points using scholarly (i.e., library) or appropriate credible sources of information.• Integrates source material appropriately within the essay, including paraphrases, summaries, and direct quotations–properly introduce and explain and document with in-text citations throughout./ 25 pts
Exceptional Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics, Diction, and Syntax*: 25 points possible• No major grammatical, spelling, mechanical, diction, or syntactic errors.• No more than a few minor errors, and those errors do not disrupt readability./ 25 pts
Exceptional References Page: 25 points possible• No major errors in full entries on the References page.• All sources documented on the References page./ 25 pts
*Interpretation of grammar, mechanics, diction, and syntax:–Exles of grammatical problems are subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement errors, vague pronoun use, errors in indicating possession–Exles of mechanical problems are overuse, underuse, or misuse of commas (except comma splices); misplaced apostrophes (except for errors indicating possession); inappropriate use of exclamation points, underlining, capitals, lower casing, boldfacing, and italicizing (except in citations)–Exles of diction problems are malapropisms, selection of the wrong word, selection of commonly confused words (i.e., then/than; effect/affect)–Exles of syntactic problems are fragments, run-ons, and comma splices; dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, and squinting modifiers; missing articles and indefinite pronouns; misuse or inaccurate use of idioms; second-language interference issues

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