(Q) for a health ed class need someone who can make clever

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You are to create a health related lesson plan that is in your own area of instruction. You may choose any health topic that is included in this class. FOR EXLE: if you teach history create a history lesson that is infused with health, or if you are a math teacher, design a math lesson using health information. If you are planning on being an elementary school teacher, multiple subject credential, don’t just write a “health” lesson. Pick your favorite subject and incorporate health content into that! Do not design a nutrition, or physical education/fitness lesson plan. You may incorporate nutrition, or PE/fitness into another subject area, but it may not be the subject itself. There are many ways to format lesson plans. Because our class is so varied in teaching experience, we will use one format. To be eligible for full credit on this assignment you must use the outline below. It is a very basic format for a lesson plan.
1. At the top of your page write your name, subject, and grade level for the lesson plan you will develop. If you are not yet teaching, choose the subject and grade level you are interested in teaching.
2. Instructional time period: 1 hour (5 points) The instructional time period is the amount of time dedicated to this one lesson. For this assignment: Develop a 60 minute lesson plan Please do not create a lesson that takes multiple weeks or the entire semester. Provide a schedule of the time periods for each part of this lesson (Presentation, learning activity, practice).
3. Student Learning Outcomes-minimum of 4 (10 points) SLO’s focus on what students learn, most often addressing the question: What do you want your students to know and be able to do by the time they finish this lesson?
Two of your SLO’s need to be related to the health content, and two of your SLO’s need to be related to your own subject matter in this lesson. What is a learning outcome? Learning outcomes are statements of what students will learn in a class or in a class session. The statements are focused on student learning (What will students learn today?) rather than instructor teaching (What am I going to teach today?). These statements should include a verb phrase and an impact (“in order to”) phrase — what students will do/be able to do and how they will apply that skill or knowledge.
Sle Learning Outcomes for Library Instruction Students will be able to search a database using Boolean logic and flexible vocabulary in order to retrieve articles that are on-target and topic-relevant.
-Students will identify the name and contact information for their subject librarian in order to get subject specific library help.
-Students will be able to develop topic-relevant vocabulary in order to search databases with maximum flexibility and effectiveness.
-Students will be able to use a thesaurus or controlled language list in order to select topic relevant vocabulary.
-Students will be able to construct a search statement using topic-relevant and controlled vocabulary in order to search databases with maximum effectiveness.
* Lesson Plan Assignment 50 Points
2. How do I write learning outcomes? Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (published in 1956 and revised in 2001) gives you a way to express learning outcomes in a way that reflects cognitive skills. There are five levels (lowest to highest cognitive skills):
You can use Bloom’s taxonomy to identify verbs to describe student learning. Exles of learning outcomes verbs for library instruction include:
Knowledge/Remembering: define, list, recognize
Comprehension/Understanding: characterize, describe, explain, identify, locate, recognize, sort
Application/Applying: choose, demonstrate, implement, perform
Analysis/Analyzing: analyze, categorize, compare, differentiate
Evaluation/Evaluating: assess, critique, evaluate, rank, rate
Synthesis/Creating: construct, design, formulate, organize, synthesize
There are some verbs to avoid when writing learning outcomes. These verbs are vague and often not observable or measurable. For exle, how would you measure whether someone has “become familiar with” a particular tool? Use a more specific verb. If you want students to “understand” something, think more closely about what you want them to be able to do or produce as a result of their “understanding.”
Verbs to avoid: Understand, Appreciate, Know about, Become familiar with, Learn about, Become aware of
How do I use learning outcomes in my teaching practice?
When you have concrete and specific learning outcomes like the ones above, you can use those learning outcomes to assess student learning through worksheets or one-minute papers where students demonstrate that they have met the learning outcome.
4.Presentation: Instructor presents new information
(10 points) This section is the information you will impart to your students regarding the topic during your lecture. These notes must be very detailed so that I know you are imparting the correct health information in your lesson. You need to include notes for your subject matter as well. For this lesson plan YOU must present the lesson, not a guest speaker or a lengthy video. You may write this section out or use bulleted points, sentences, or paragraphs. Be sure I am able to discern that the health information imparted to your students is correct. Therefore, at the conclusion of your lecture notes, reference the health information you included in your lesson.
5. Learning activity/Practice (10 points) Give a detailed description, or provide a printout of the activity the students will physically do, that accompanies your lecture notes.
6.Evaluation of student learning (10 points). This must correspond to the SLO’s you developed in step 3. Be specific in describing your evaluation process. If you are giving a multiple choice quiz, provide the quiz. If you are going to observe learning, specifically describe what you will observe and how it will be graded. You may create a rubric that results in a score or grade of some type, rubrics are excellent grading tools! Include your rubric or other detailed grading method with this assignment.
7.List of materials/supplies/resources/visual aids needed for this lesson. (5 points). Provide a list of any materials that would be needed in the classroom to teach and learn from this lesson plan. Please be specific and thorough.
Again, for this class, you must use the outline above, and not one you have used in other classes. Remember to use the outline above and no other format for this assignment. If you’ve never written a lesson plan, talk to some of the students in class who know how to do this. I have provided a Q#038;A Discussion area for you to post questions, and answers to classmates. Also, there are sites online that can help you with writing lessons plans and SLO’s. If you use the full edition, not the custom edition, of our text it has lesson plans in the back that you can look at for ideas. This is to be your own creation, be creative. Remember, it is not just a health lesson, it is your own subject matter infused with health.
********** You can choose a subject such as math or english, or anything you can incorporate a health lesson plan into. MUST BE 1 HOUR!! Let me know before picking a subject and keep me updated please and thank you

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for a health ed class need someone who can make clever lesson plan .

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