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Underaged summer students: Your sister owns a small painting company, servicing residential and commercial properties that need to hire painters. Since you have taken this class, you have now become aware of some of the complicated occupational health and safety issues and laws. Your sister tells you now that labour costs have gone up, she plans to hire students under 18 years old so that she can save costs. She thinks that these students are not covered under minimum wage legislation as per the Ontario Employment Standards Act and feels that she can pay them $10-12/hr, thereby reducing her overhead costs. She also plans to pay them under the table (cash), so she’ll save in EI and CPP payments and the student will get more money in hand per hour (saving their EI and CPP contributions, but also avoiding payment of federal and provincial income tax). What concerns would you have for the students’ safety? What concerns do you have for your sister’s business? What concerns do you have for your sister specifically (as an employer/supervisor)?
The initial post must address the following questions clearly (consider using sub-headers) No words limits but need to give to me within the first 24 hours.
Current situation
Tell the reader about the situation accurately and with enough information that they can understand it clearly
Demonstrate your subject matter expertise
Link to HR
Highlight aspects of this is related to the required readings
Demonstrate the link to HR ideas, literature, theory, practice, etc.
Deeper Dive
Explore the topic in a more complex way, focused on some of the contradictions, implication, implicit biases, impact, inconsistencies, timeliness etc. of the issue you have presented
Demonstrate your ability to think about the topic in an advanced way.
Conversation starter
Provide some questions to your reader to start the conversation about the topic
Demonstrate your ability to lead the conversation

Question: Benefits you experienced: In your role as an employee or volunteer at an organization, what non-mandatory benefits were you offered? Why do you think that the organization specifically chose those benefits? In your opinion, were these effective in motivating and rewarding staff? Why or why not?”7

Current situation
Last summer, as an employee at an organization, I was given a standard package of benefits. They included two weeks’ vacation after one year of continuous service and pay for public holidays as outlined in the ESA. After six months of continuous full-time employment (over 20 hours per week), you can join their Group Benefits Plan. The membership is not optional. They stated that you may opt-out of Extended Health Care and Dental if you provide proof of other coverage. Lastly, I was provided with Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment. As for additional benefits to encourage motivation, there was limited verbalized to me. To increase their retention rate, they stated that for every year you work there you will receive a free night’s stay there. As well as, if you recruited someone to work there and they lasted past six months you would receive money for them gaining another employee. Pre-COVID19 they would provide lunch to employees but that was not available while I was working there. I would infer that this would increase employee motivation by covering employees’ physiological needs as stated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. This will allow employees to have one less thing to worry about at home (i.e., packing a lunch) and be fueled for their day on the job. Yet, being a seasonal worker and during the pandemic, most of my motivation came from wanting good tips from customers as I worked.
Link to HR
Reflecting on my benefits from my last job, I am left feeling that there was a lack of motivation and rewards encouraged by HR. The addition of a pandemic response benefit would have been helpful in feeling valued as an employee, as we were continuing to work during a pandemic. For exle, TD Bank gave a bonus of $500 a month to employees who were required to work in April and May of 2020 (Dessler #038; Chhinzer, 2020). Therefore, a little supplementary money given to work during such tough times would have made employees feel more valued for their work. Furthermore, employee well-being initiatives or even just within the health care benefits, allowing mental health-related expenses to be covered by the health insurance. This is a state-of-the-art company that should be keeping up with relevant issues and take a holistic approach to well-being, and offer perks associated with well-being. For exle, Employment Development Canada offers a spending wellness allowance of $500 to $1000, as well as a LiveWell program used to provide resources from resilience and mindfulness practices. Plus, they offer $2500 per year for mental-health-related services (Dessler #038; Chhinzer, 2020).
Deeper Dive
I find it very interesting that the company I worked for seems to include very few benefits for employees. Their turnover rate is very high, and this might be part of the reason why their retention is so low. If they showed their appreciation for their employees through benefits, research has shown that benefits matter to employees and if they aligned with the business strategy it can help retain the right people to achieve business objectives (Dessler #038; Chhinzer, 2019). It is more beneficial to retain employees because as time goes on, they will be very valuable as they will become skilled and most knowledgeable about their job as well as, it is expensive and time-consuming to keep training new people. The average training cost per employee is $1,252, according to the Association for Talent Development’s 2016 State of the Industry Report (ATD, 2016). Therefore, by retaining. Employees through beneficial benefits packages companies will ultimately save a lot of money.
Conversation starter
I am curious to hear about what sort of unique benefits packages you have received from your place of work and the positive impacts they had on you at work or in your even personal life. Did you feel more motivated by these or did your focus shift off of work and just strive to receive the benefits?

Question: Incentives that motivate: Recognition can take many forms. Prepare a list of 3-5 forms of recognition that would be particularly motivational for you specifically as an employee and explain why you have chosen them.
Current Situation
Recognition is something that many employees strive for especially in larger firms when there are many individuals. No one likes to feel like they are just a forgotten part of the pack. A few incentives that would motivate me if I was an employee include bonus pay, a vibrant and driven work environment, and clear opportunities for growth. Everyone would always accept a little extra money in their pockets, so after hitting a target or goal for the firm, bonus pay would feel extremely rewarding and push an individual to strive for it again. A driven work environment where everyone is working hard to accomplish their goals and where there is a little bit of healthy competition is truly a great motivating incentive. It would push one to always stay on top of their work as no one likes to fall behind. Having an environment that is vibrant is one that I would enjoy going into every day. If the company I am working for has clear opportunities for growth, I would also be incentivized to work harder and smarter. It gives a sense that those who outwork the others can be recognized for their determination, which would be highly appreciated. Otherwise, why work harder than you need to if everyone gets the exact same treatment. Going above and beyond should and always does have benefits over being average and fitting in with everyone else.
Link to HR
Although managers are the main people responsible for keeping employees motivated, HR can be a significant role in this even before candidates are hired. During the hiring process, HR is looking to attract the best individuals for the positions available. Covering some of the great incentives the business offers during the recruiting phase motivates individuals to want to get the job even more and strive in the workplace. For exle, if I knew that there was a generous bonus pay for hitting a certain target, or that if I am the top performer after a year I would be considered for a good promotion, my motivation going into the job would be extremely high even before my first day. HR also outlines a clear purpose for the employees which helps them understand the company’s goals and gives them a larger goal to work towards.
Deeper Dive
Now as an employer I am able to see both sides to the importance of employee recognition. I can now see the effect of recognition from an outside perspective as I am the one giving it rather than receiving it. It is great to see the power of recognition take effect in front of me and it makes me want to search for more incentives to add as employee performance generally improves with them. I believe that it is important to keep in mind, however, that these incentives should not be easy to attain. Incentives must be earned and rewarded for accomplishments that exceed expectations. If employees start to get different incentives for doing the bare minimum they would never strive to better themselves. It is important that an employee understands what is expected of them and what they need to do to reap the benefits of certain incentives. To be recognized for your accomplishments you must stand out from what everyone else is doing.
Conversation Starter
What are 2-3 forms of recognition that you would personally prefer if it was up to you to choose? Do you generally prefer monetary or non-monetary incentives for motivation?

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