(Mt) – MGT 211 SEU Human Resource Management at Balm Inc Case

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Here is the final answer. Kindly feel free to reach out to me in case you have any further queries about this assignment. I will be happy to help you further. 😁Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CASEHuman Resource Management CaseStudent NameInstitutional Affiliation1HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CASE1.2To begin with, one of the concepts of HRM I can correlate this case with isthe training and development of employees. According to Glaveski (2019), training anddevelopment schemes are educational programs inside a company whose role is to equipemployees with the necessary skill sets and knowledge to enhance their competence orefficiency. It can also be employed to boost teamwork thus creating harmony within theworkplace. To relate this to the case study, Head of Finance at Geek Ms. Maryam is seenjustifying to Mr. Anas, Head of HR that one of the reasons behind the consistent rejectionof Mohsin’s application for a transfer to Sleek is that he was being groomed to potentiallytake over a soon be vacant position at Geek of sub head of finance. Maryam goes ahead tostate that she would like to mold him in various financial aspects thus proving the conceptof training.Another concept of HRM exhibited in the case is talent management, particularlyon the front of performance appraisal. According to Hayes (2021), performance appraisalimplies reviews conducted by an organization on its workforce from time to time in a bidto evaluate them on how well they are delivering on their job descriptions and how muchthey contribute to the company. In this case, a performance appraisal issue is seen whendespite the tremendous work Mohsin puts into the finance department at Geek, hisapplication for a transfer to Sleek where he feels he will grow further has been turned downthree times yet he commands a lot of respect even from his boss Ms. Maryam. Geek,therefore, has failed to reward its employee Mohsin appropriately despite him exceedingexpectations on his overall contribution to the firm as per the performance appraisalevaluation done by Ms. Maryam the head of finance which can result in high turnover ratesor demotivation of the workforce.HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CASE2.3In my opinion, Ms. Maryam, the head of finance at Geek is at fault in thiscase for leading to the resentment being exhibited by Mohsin due to poor communication.In the Finance department, Ms. Maryam is Mohsin’s immediate boss and thus it has theauthority to carry out a performance appraisal on her subordinates like Mohsin whichevaluation she can then share with the Human Resource department to determine thereward or punishments that employees deserve depending on their contributions to the firm.Ms. Maryam while turning down Mohsin’s transfer applications cited to Mr. Anas head ofHuman Resources that she has good intentions for Mohsin such as preparing him to takeup a soon to be vacant position in finance and molding him on the same but she has failedto openly and categorically state these intentions.Whereas Mr. Anas and Ms. Maryam knew this information, it was notcommunicated to Mohsin in time who kept seeing his other colleagues like Eid gettingtransfers to Sleek but not him which made him resentful. Mohsin feels that he can growand shine better at Sleek and is oblivious of the immense plans in place for succession andfurther training at Geek. Therefore, he feels that his commitment to Geek has been takenfor granted which can be avoided by keeping him in the loop about his job security status.3.Considering that it is evident in this whole case study that Mohsin has beena loyal and committed employee at Geek’s finance department, whose record is alsoastounding by accounts of his boss Ms. Maryam, Mr. Anas should, first of all, prioritizegetting Mohsin back to being an employee of the company since he sent in his letter ofresignation. This can be facilitated by following through on Anas’ plan of being transparentwith Mohsin about the great intentions and plans in place to reward Mohsin with a biggerposition in the finance department at Geek. However, Mr. Anas should be keen to carefullyHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CASE4listen to Mohsin’s side of the story and act accordingly. Gibson et al. (2020) assert thatemployees love to feel valued and appreciated and this is one way to motivate them.Including employees in the decision-making process is an effective tool to boost their jobsatisfaction levels. This, therefore, means that Mr. Anas should be ready and willing togrant Mohsin his wish of transferring to Sleek if he turns down the offer being presentedto him to stay at Geek. Employees just like all people go through Maslow’s hierarchy ofneeds and Mohsin may be looking for the self-actualization stage from the Sleekopportunity since there is no increment in salary or materialistic rewards motivating her toswitch from Geek to Sleek but merely the desire to shine and perform more.4.One of the factors to consider is flexibility. The company should ensure thatit offers flexible working hours and jobs so that these talented groups of employees cansustain a good work-life balance thus leading to increased levels of commitment andmotivation and in the long-run, higher retention levels. For exle, in the case of BalmInc. which has two subsidiaries, employees can be allowed the freedom to switch throughthe two companies on a contractual agreement as this can enhance productivity. With theproliferation of more ecologically sensitive stakeholders in the world today, anorganization can achieve the best talent retention by tying its organization’s vision andmission to being environmentally sensitive and conservative for exle making theirproduction processes have fewer carbon emissions. This way, employees will be moreinterested in staying at such a company that thinks about sustainable use of resources.Organizations can also consider prioritizing the ideas and opinions of theiremployees if they are to gain a competitive advantage and retain their best talents.Employees who feel that their opinions matter are likely to be highly motivated and thisHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CASE5can be achieved through delegating more responsibilities and duties to the best talents andminimal supervision rates are also essential. Best talents also enjoy growing through theranks of an organization and being better than they were when they had just joined thecompany. Therefore, rewards in the form of promotions can help retain the best talents.HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CASE6ReferencesGibson, K. R., O’Leary, K., #038; Weintraub, J. R. (2020, January 23). The Little Things That MakeEmployees Feel Appreciated. Retrieved from Harvard Business Review:https://hbr.org/2020/01/the-little-things-that-make-employees-feel-appreciatedGl…

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