Assessment Task:

Dissertation Project/ Final Report. The module explores the concept, theories and practice of project management and consultancy skills. This module builds on the research methodology skills and requirements of critical debate established throughout the program and shows how these key skills are vital within a business context to ensure rigorous decision making. It examines combining the traditional research skills with project management and consultancy skills to enable an evidenced based approach to problem solving within an organisation. This module will improve student employability, enhance students’ ability to manage complex projects across a range of dynamic business environments in the contexts of entrepreneurship and leadership and management of change.

Students are required to submit:

1) A typed 8.400 words Management project report by the 15th week of the module.

2) A typed 3.600 words Reflective Portfolio by the 15th week of the module.

Learning Outcomes to be assessed (as specified in the validated module descriptor

LO1: A critical appreciation of the principles of applied management research

LO2: A critical application of a range of business related tools, frameworks and concepts in the solution of a business issue.

Grading Criteria:

Essay marking criteria For Management Project Report (70%):

1) Client Aims #038; Objectives 10%

·         Clear identification of the Client’s requirements setting out the objectives of the study.

2) Supporting Evidence 45%

·         Critical Identification and Evaluation of suitable industry studies and frameworks applicable to the project

·         A critical exploration of the relevant academic theory to support the subjects covered in the project.

·         This is NOT a literature review; it should identify and explain the RELEVANT methods that would be used to conduct the study

3) Gannt Chart #038; Methods 25%

·         Identification, explanation and critical evaluation of the range of activities needed to complete the Client’s project.

·         Understanding and critical reflection in scheduling the activities e.g. timelines, dependent activities, etc.

4 Contribution 20%

·         A critical evaluation of the deliverable outcomes of the project.

·         Clear meeting of the Client objectives set for the project

·         Remember, you are showing the Client WHY your approach is the most suitable to meet their aims and thus win the bid

Essay marking criteria For Reflective Portfolio (30%):

1) Assumptions 25%

2) Ethics and Values 25%

3) Time Management 25%

4) Learning from Experience and Moving Forward 25%

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