Assessment 1

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MGT604 Assessment 1 Brief Page 1 of 6Assessment TaskIn pairs, you are required to:• Identify an organisation that is currently facing strategic threats• Plan, film and submit a five-minute video presentation• Address these threats with specific reference to the course content.Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.ContextThe assessment of this subject supports students in developing their skills and knowledge inthe foundational management topics that include external environmental assessment,problem diagnosis, strategy development, and the consideration of cultural and ethicalcontexts. It requires students to have a well-formed view of contemporary issues in variousindustries across Australia and overseas, and the ability to identify key issues governing thestrategic options available to those firms. It additionally requires students to developcompetencies in non-traditional, but increasingly important communications techniques suchas video and audio presentation.
Subject Code and Title
MGT604 Strategic Management
Industry Based Case Study Video Presentation
To be completed in Pairs
5 minutes
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successfulcompletion of the task below include:a) Critically examine how strategic management andcore competencies can build and sustaincompetitive advantage in different organisationalcontextsd) Consider the external environment of an organisationand analyse capabilities that can enhance potentialmarket opportunities and manage risk Submission
By 11.55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday End of Module 2.2 (Week 4)
Total Marks
100 marks
MGT604 Assessment 1 Brief Page 2 of 6InstructionsYou will be placed into pairs by your facilitator.Working in pairs, you are required to identify an organisation that is currently facing strategic threatsand plan, film and submit a five-minute video presentation addressing these threats with specificreference to the course content. Some exles include;• Disruptive technologies;• Shifts in regulatory focus;• Competition from overseas organisations;• Structural shifts in industry composition; or• Market consolidation and shakeout.PowerPoint/Prezi slides are not to be used.You will need to find ways of addressing the audience in a compelling manner, payingattention to audio quality, lighting quality, sincerity of presentation, clarity of your perspectiveand overall impact. Both members of the pair are required to spend approximately equal timeon camera.Presentation ContentIn the presentation, students are required to:• Introduce yourself and the presentation topic. State briefly the key issues yourpresentation will cover• Introduce the organisation that is being analysed• Flesh out the major threats that the organisation is facing• Propose possible strategies addressing the identified threats, and• Display a thorough understanding of the concepts related to strategic management andthreat identification.Presentation QuestionsPresentations should address the following questions, along with any other relevant points:• How has the organisation established a track record of success?• What is the organisation’s core value proposition, and which target market does it seekto address?• What threats have altered the strategic circumstances of the organisation?• What are the organisation’s prospects for the future?• What would you recommend management do to better address these threats?Academic IntegrityAll students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriatelyreferenced and academically written according to the Academic Writing Guide. Students also needMGT604 Assessment 1 Brief Page 3 of 6to have read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedureand subsequent penalties for academic misconduct. These are viewable online.Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.Submission Instructions(1) Creating your video presentation• Create a short video presentation (Length: 5 minutes) on your chosen organisationo Be specific and clear, as you will be assessed on originality and authenticity.• Your presentation must be in a video format (mp4, MOV, etc.) for uploading intoBlackboard (refer to the link below).(2) Uploading your video presentation• Detailed instructions on compressing (if necessary) and uploading your videopresentation is available at:;content_id=_387629_1#038;mode=reset• Submit the recorded video along with a signed cover sheet via the Assessment link inthe main navigation menu in MGT604 Strategic Management.• After uploading your video presentation, retain a copy in a safe place.• The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal.• Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.Students should use the brief to guide what to include in the assessment and the followingrubric to inform the standard required.MGT604 Assessment 1 Brief Page 4 of 6Assessment Rubric
Fail(Yet to achieveminimum standard)0-49%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-
Insightfulness ofanalysisPercentage for thiscriterion = 30%
Demonstrates noawareness ofcontext and/orpurpose of theassignment.Difficult tounderstand foraudience, nological/clearstructure, poor flowof ideas, argumentlacks supportingevidence.Viewpoints ofexperts are taken asfact with littlequestioning andcritical thinking.
Demonstrates limitedawareness of contextand/or purpose of theassignment.Information,arguments andevidence arepresented in a waythat is not always clearand logical.Line of reasoning is oftendifficult to follow.
Demonstratesconsistent awarenessof context and/orpurpose of theassignment.Information,arguments andevidence are wellpresented, mostlyclear flow of ideas andarguments.Line of reasoning is easyto follow.
Demonstrates anadvanced andintegratedunderstanding ofcontext and/orpurpose of theassignment.Information,arguments andevidence are verywell presented; thepresentation islogical, clear andwell supported byevidence.Demonstrates culturalsensitivity.
The presentation islogical, persuasive,and well supported byevidence,demonstrating a clearflow of ideas andarguments.Engages and sustainsaudience’s interest in thetopic, demonstrates highlevels of culturalsensitivity.
Application of theoryto the circumstancesbeing describedPercentage for thiscriterion = 30%
Limitedunderstanding of keyconcepts required tosupport the casestudy.
Knowledge orunderstanding of thefield or discipline.Resembles a recall orstraightforwardsummary of key ideas.
Thoroughknowledge orunderstanding of thefield or discipline/s.Supports personal
Highly developedunderstanding of thefield or discipline/s.Discriminatesbetween assertion of
A sophisticatedunderstanding of thefield or discipline/s.Systematically andcritically
MGT604 Assessment 1 Brief Page 5 of 6
Confuses logic andemotion. Informationtaken from reliablesources but without acoherent analysis orsynthesis.
Often confuses assertionof personal opinion withinformation substantiatedby evidence from theresearch/course materials.
opinion andinformationsubstantiated byevidence from theresearch/coursematerials.Demonstrates a capacityto explain and applyrelevant concepts.
personal opinion andinformationsubstantiated byrobust evidence fromthe research/coursematerials andextended reading.Well demonstratedcapacity to explain andapply relevant concepts.
discriminatesbetween assertion ofpersonal opinion andinformationsubstantiated byrobust evidence fromthe research/coursematerials andextended reading.Mastery of conceptsand application tonewsituations/furtherlearning.
Presentation StylePercentage for thiscriterion = 20%
Unprofessionalpresentation styledemonstrating alack of connectionwith the audienceand theirrequirements.Difficult tounderstand, nological/clearstructure, poorflow of ideas,argument lackssupportingevidence.
Unprofessional ordifficult to understandpresenters deliveringcontent they eitherdon’t understand orcannot effectivelycommunicate.Poor editing gets in theway of audienceappreciation and thegeneral feeling is thepresentation wassomething of a waste oftime.
The audience iscontent to watch andhas their interestmaintainedthroughout.Many improvementscould be made throughattention to detail andempathising with theaudience, but keymessages are deliveredin a way that is relativelystraightforward tounderstand.
The audience isengaged and attractedto the messaging.The presenters areconfident and can beeasily understood. Theaudience buildsempathy with them andthe story they aretelling.The audience wants thevideo to continue and arekeen for futureinstalments.
Professional andconfidentpresentation style.Strong and authenticconnection to theviewer with sincereand well articulatedarguments. Discussionis concise and onpoint, and inherentlyinteresting.Excellent editing keepsthe pace moving and thechoice of backgroundsand related content is
MGT604 Assessment 1 Brief Page 6 of 6
Discussion rambles,little regard for editingor keeping thepresentationinteresting. Theaudience can’t wait forthis to end.
The audience is interestedand annoyed in almostequal measure.
exciting and interestingto the audience.
Technical QualityPercentage for thiscriterion = 20%
Poor sound, significantlevels of ambient noise,faces in darkness, littleattention to detail.
Sound and vision not goodbut tolerable.
Sound and visionacceptable.
Sound and vision verygood.
Care has been taken inproducing thepresentation.Attention has beenmade to lighting andaudio quality.The video demonstratesthe competenciesassociated with effectiveremote communication

The following Subject Learning Outcomes are addressed in this assessment
SLO a)
Critically examine how strategic management and core competencies can build and sustain competitive advantage indifferent organisational contexts
SLO d)
Consider the external environment of an organisation and analyse capabilities that can enhance potential marketopportunities and manage risk Submission

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