A company wants to track which employees are managed by other employees

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A company wants to track which employees are managed by other employees. An employee doesnot have to manage employees, but could manage multiple employees. Additionally, an employeemay not have a manager, but if they do, they have only one. Model this using Crow’s Foot notation.
Now let’s say that the company has changed their business rules. An employee still does not haveto manage employees, but could manage multiple employees. However, now, an employee maynot have a manager, but if they do, they have up to three managers. Model this using Crow’s Footnotation.
Denton Assist is a nonprofit organization that provides aid to people after natural disasters. Basedon the following brief description of operations, create the appropriate fully labeled Crow’s FootERD.Volunteers carry out the tasks of the organization. The name, address, and telephone number aretracked for each volunteer. Each volunteer may be assigned to several tasks, and some tasks requiremany volunteers. A volunteer might be in the system without having been assigned a task yet. It ispossible to have tasks that no one has been assigned. When a volunteer is assigned to a task, thesystem should track the start time and end time of that assignment.Each task has a task code, task description, task type, and task status. For exle, there may be atask with task code “101,” a description of “answer the telephone,” a type of “recurring,” and astatus of “ongoing.” Another task might have a code of “102,” a description of “prepare 5,000packages of basic medical supplies,” a type of “packing,” and a status of “open.”For all tasks of type “packing,” there is a packing list that specifies the contents of the packages.There are many packing lists to produce different packages, such as basic medical packages, childcare packages, and food packages. Each packing list has an ID number, a packing list name, and apacking list description, which describes the items that should make up the package. Every packingtask is associated with only one packing list. A packing list may not be associated with any tasks, or itmay be associated with many tasks. Tasks that are not packing tasks are not associated with anypacking list.Packing tasks result in the creation of packages. Each individual package of supplies produced by theorganization is tracked, and each package is assigned an ID number. The date the package wascreated and its total weight are recorded. A given package is associated with only one task. Sometasks (such as “answer the phones”) will not produce any packages, while other tasks (such as“prepare 5,000 packages of basic medical supplies”) will be associated with many packages.The packing list describes the ideal contents of each package, but it is not always possible to includethe ideal number of each item. Therefore, the actual items included in each package should betracked. A package can contain many different items, and a given item can be used in many differentEach item that the organization provides has an item ID number, item description, item value, anditem quantity on hand stored in the system. Along with tracking the actual items that are placed ineach package, the quantity of each item placed in the package must be tracked as well. For exle,a packing list may state that basic medical packages should include 100 bandages, 4 bottles ofiodine, and 4 bottles of hydrogen peroxide. However, because of the limited supply of items, a givenpackage may include only 10 bandages, 1 bottle of iodine, and no hydrogen peroxide. The fact thatthe package includes bandages and iodine needs to be recorded along with the quantity of eachitem included. It is possible for the organization to have items that have not been included in anypackage yet, but every package will contain at least one item.
Using the Crow’s Foot notation, create an ERD that can be implemented for a physical therapy clinicusing the following business rules:A patient can make many appointments with one or more therapists in the clinic, and a therapistcan accept appointments with many patients. However, each appointment is made with only onetherapist and one patient.The clinic accepts walk-in cases that do not require an appointment. However, for appointmentmanagement purposes, a walk-in appointment is entered in the appointment book as“unscheduled.”If kept, an appointment yields a visit with the therapist specified in the appointment. The visit yieldsthe condition they are receiving treatment for, an evaluation of the condition and, whenappropriate, treatment.With each visit, the patient’s records are updated to provide a medical history.Each patient visit creates a bill. Each patient visit is billed by one therapist, and each therapist canbill many patients.Each bill must be paid. However, a bill may be paid in many installments, and a payment may covermore than one bill.A patient may pay the bill directly, or the bill may be the basis for a claim submitted to an insurancecompany.If the bill is paid by an insurance company, the deductible is submitted to the patient for payment.
Luxury-Oriented Scenic Tours (LOST) provides guided tours to groups of visitors to the Washington,D.C. area. In recent years, LOST has grown quickly and is having difficulty keeping up with all of thevarious information needs of the company. The company’s operations are as follows:LOST offers many different tours. For each tour, the tour name, approximate length (in hours), andfee charged is needed. Guides are identified by an employee ID, but the system should also record aguide’s name, home address, and date of hire. Guides take a test to be qualified to lead specifictours. It is important to know which guides are qualified to lead which tours and the date that theycompleted the qualification test for each tour. A guide may be qualified to lead many differenttours. A tour can have many different qualified guides. New guides may or may not be qualified tolead any tours, just as a new tour may or may not have any qualified guides.Every tour must be designed to visit at least three locations. For each location, a name, type, andofficial description are kept. Some locations (such as the White House) are visited by more than onetour, while others (such as Arlington Cemetery) are visited by a single tour. All locations are visitedby at least one tour. The order in which the tour visits each location should be tracked as well.When a tour is actually given, that is referred to as an “outing.” LOST schedules outings well inadvance so they can be advertised and so employees can understand their upcoming workschedules. A tour can have many scheduled outings, although newly designed tours may not haveany outings scheduled. Each outing is for a single tour and is scheduled for a particular date andtime. All outings must be associated with a tour. All tours at LOST are guided tours, so a guide mustbe assigned to each outing. Each outing has one and only one guide. Guides are occasionally askedto lead an outing of a tour even if they are not officially qualified to lead that tour. Newly hiredguides may not have ever been scheduled to lead any outings. Tourists, called “clients” by LOST, payto join a scheduled outing. For each client, the name and telephone number are recorded. Clientsmay sign up to join many different outings, and each outing can have many clients. Information iskept only on clients who have signed up for at least one outing, although newly scheduled outingsmay not have any clients signed up yet.
An art museum owns a large volume of works of art. Each work of art is described by an itemcode (identifier), title, type, and size; size is further composed of height, width, and weight. Awork of art is developed by an artist, but the artist for some works is unknown. An artist isdescribed by an artist ID (identifier), name, date of birth, and date of death (which is null for stillliving artists). Only data about artists for works currently owned by the museum are kept in thedatabase. At any point in time, a work of art is either on display at the museum, held in storage,away from the museum as part of a traveling show, or on loan to another gallery. If on display atthe museum, a work of art is also described by its location within the museum. A traveling showis described by a show ID (identifier), the city in which the show is currently appearing, and thestart and end dates of the show. Many of the museum works may be part of a given show, andonly active shows with at least one museum work of art need be represented in the database.Finally, another gallery is described by a gallery ID (identifier), name, and city. The museumwants to retain a complete history of loaning a work of art to other galleries, and each time awork is loaned, the museum wants to know the date the work was loaned and the date it wasreturned

a fair place for all member nations to trade. India and China have put in complaints to the WTO concerning the US. They are complaining about the measures (trade barriers) that the US have put on steel and aluminium products. These disputes are still ongoing and have not came to a conclusion yet. China have also put in a complaint to the WTO concerning the US. China are complaining about the tariff measures on good from China, claiming that the measures the US have put in place are ’inconsistent’ with certain articles. This dispute is still ongoing and has not concluded yet. 6. The European Union (EU) is a collection of 28 European countries. The EU is concerned with the social, economic and security policies of all of the member states. The EU consists of five main bodies: European Parliament, Council of the Union, European Commission, Court of Justice, and the Court of Auditors. The EU’s aims are: • Remove trade barriers imposed on imports and exports of goods between member states. • Ensuring trading between member states is done efficiently and without conflict. • Protect and repair the environment. • Prevent exclusion of member states. • Respect different cultures and languages between members. The functions of the EU are: • Create and implement law and regulations for all member states of the EU to follow. • Enabling people of the member states to travel freely between member states. • Maintaining price stability of the Euro. • Sanctioning member states that do not follow law and regulation set out by the EU. 7. A nation’s balance of payments is a record of the financial transactions with the rest of the world. These records are broken down into different aspects of the balance of payments. The current account: The current account concerns the nation’s income and expenditure transactions of goods, services, income from investments and current transfers. The capital account:gt;

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